Hotel Kirikeskus

The Hotel Kirikeskus is located at Kirintövaara by Lake Kirintöjärvi 4 kilometers from Himmerki. There are 22 rooms and 58 beds available for you.

Our restaurant offers tasty meals and Lapland delicacies made of local materials with wines.

We have excellent facilities for meetings: you can use a 90 seat auditorium and a 40 seat learning studio. We can offer you an up-to-date infrastructure for meeting, as agreed.

Our lakeside sauna by Lake Kirintöjärvi offers agreeable experiences amidst nature. After the gentle heat in sauna, you can have a swim in a clear, clear-water lake. 15 to 20 persons can enjoy evening snacks by the big indoor fireplace made of natural stone. The room is also an excellent meeting room.