”The goal in our operations is to strengthen the vitality in Posio and to retain the clean and beautiful nature in Posio”  The owners of Himmerki Helvi and Reijo Lantto

Sustainable travel

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Holiday Village Himmerki strives to promote in its activities the principles of sustainable tourism in order to preserve the beautiful nature of Posio and to develop the local vitality. Our target is a continuous improvement in different sectors of the sustainable tourism. Holiday Village Himmerki received in the spring of 2020 a Green Key-label and the right to use Sustainable Travel Finland-label as a sign of valuable and long term work for sustainable travel. Our main goals of our operations are as follows:

1.  We cooperate fairly and employ locals

We work primarily with local companies and we consider it important to choose partner companies that are committed to the principles of sustainable travel. When developing our operations, we consider it important that our measures do not harm Posio's clean and beautiful nature. Our company considers it important to promote local vitality by leveraging local businesses and local staff where possible.

Our partners who provide program services are all local companies in Posio with whom we have long-term cooperation.

2. We take care of our nature

The basic principle of the company has always been that operations are developed with respect for the surrounding nature. This can be seen e.g. the use of building materials suitable for the nature and in respecting the nature in the location of new buildings.

The cottages at Holiday Village Himmerki have wooden structures and we have used environmentally friendly colours in the paints of the cottages. The placement of the cottages has taken into account the preservation of the local nature as well as possible by placing the cottages in the groups by type.

In our operations, we strive to limit the pollution of the surrounding nature by saving clean water and treating our wastewater properly. We follow our energy usage in our efforts to use energy efficiently.

We use environmentally friendly cleaning agents and papers.

3. We respect cultural heritage

The company's operations have taken into account the preservation of the cultural heritage and the local culture by organizing concerts, exhibitions and other events where local and also international culture has been presented. Where possible, we also favour local performers at these events.

4. We promote prosperity, human rights and equality

A very large proportion of our staff are local, so they understand the local conditions and requirements  on our operations. The basic principle of our operations is to treat our staff and customers equally and with respect for individuals. We take into account the special needs of people like various allergies and diets. We also strive to provide services to our disabled customers.

For our company, all customers are equal, regardless of their gender, skin colour, religion or sexual orientation.

5. We prefer local

We work primarily with local companies and we choose as our partners companies that are committed to the principles of sustainable travel. Our company considers important to promote local vitality by leveraging local businesses and local staff where possible.

6. We invest in safety and quality

We monitor official regulations and changes in them through our interest groups Mara and LME and, if necessary, laws through Finlex. We carry out safety inspections in a timely manner and correct any deficiencies found. We train our staff to be first aiders and we have also placed a defibrillator on our property. When choosing partners, we pay attention to the fact that their services qualitatively meet our own goals and operate in accordance with the principles of sustainable travel.

7. We take into consideration the climate impact

We take the climate impact into account by instructing our staff and customers to save energy. In our restaurant operations, we strive to minimize the loss of food by sizing the food we offer exactly according to demand. We serve lunch only on the basis of orders, so we can accurately predict the number of lunch guests.

8. We communicate openly

We communicate to our customers our commitment to the principles of sustainable tourism, e.g. by telling them  about Green Key certification on our website and in social media channels. We welcome our international customers by telling them our principles and goals of sustainable travel at the welcome event.

9. We are constantly developing our business

We constantly strive to develop new products and services by following the expectations expressed by our customers and the general development trends in the industry. In the new products and services we prefer our local partners. In order to secure the company's operations in the long run, our goal is to improve profitability by developing new products and services.

We monitor our financial sustainability through monthly reporting and regular updating of our business plan.

We are constantly investing in product development to expand our customer base.

10. We are committed to the principles of sustainable travel

We are actively involved in the regional cooperation for sustainable travel launched by the Posio Tourism Association. Together with our staff, we are committed to promote the principles of sustainable travel in our daily operations.