In our restaurant you can enjoy meals from breakfasts to delicious dinners

We organise different kind of parties and meetings based your requirements. Please, contact us and ask our offer! Together we can plan a party or a meeting exactly as you like.

Meals on our lunch and dinner menu are available for groups. Please, contact us beforehand.

Lunch Menu

  • Salmon soup

    10.00 €
  • Reindeer soup

    10.00 €
  • Lappish old man soup

    11,00 €

Lunch price includes: House flatbread, ryebread, butter,Lunch price includes: House flatbread, ryebread, butter,cheese and cucumber. As drinks milk, water and home made beer. Dessert of your choice.

We have also options for vegetarians and vegans - ask for more information.

  • Salmon casserole

    11,00 €
  • Ham casserole

    11,00 €
  • Smoked reindeer casserole

    12,00 €
  • Creamy chicken sauce

    13,50 €
    rice and blackcurrant jam
  • karelian stew

    14,00 €

    boiled potatoes, lingonberry jam and pickled cucumber

  • Posio kind fried vendace

    14,00 €
    mashed potatoes and onion-butter sauce

Lunch price includes: Salad table, house flatbread,Lunch price includes: Salad table, house flatbread,ryebread,butter. As drinks milk, water and home made beer. Dessert of your choice.

Dinner menus

Menu 1

Carrot soup with herbs
Grilled pork strip loin steak
Countrystyle potatoes
Baked vegetables
Lappish Berrymousse

Price 27 €

Menu 2

Goatcheese salad
Chicken slice
Curry sauce
Mushroom risotto
Blackcurrant jam
Berry parfait with butterscotch sauce

Price 28 €

Menu 3

Smoked reindeer cheesesoup
Fried Kitka vendace
Mashed potatoes
Onion-Butter sauce
Lemon cake

Price 29 €

Menu 4

Beetroot- bluecheese soup
Halloum stuffed paprikas with mushroomstew
Forestberries with caramelsauce


Price 27 €

Menu 5

Smoked reindeer saladSmoked reindeer salad
Fried Fillet of White fish
Morel stew
Dill potatoes
Strawberry cheesecake

Price 32 €

Menu 6

Morel soup
Sautéed reindeer
Mashed potatoes
Pickles & Lingonberries
Pancakes, Cloudberries & Mango Ice cream

Price 33 €

Menu 7

Creamy Bass soup
Roast beef
Cream sauce with cognac
Garlic potatoes
Chocolate cake

Price 35 €

Menu 8

Himmerki Fish plate
Reindeer fillet with Red wine sauce
Rosemary potatoes
Beetroot with herbs
Bread cheese & cloudberries

Price 46 €