Personal Data Act (523/99), section 10, 19 April 2018




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The use of World Wide Web pages maintained by Holiday Village Himmerki is based on respecting the protection of the privacy of the user as well as on open and active communication concerning the handling of personal data. In the handling of personal data the laws and acts of Finland, the regulations of the authorities as well as the good data handling practice are observed.

In the following will be set forth closer information on how Holiday village Himmerki / Himmerkinlahti Oy deals with the privacy protection and handling of personal data in relation to use of the WWW Pages. We recommend that you thoroughly get acquainted with this notice in addition to the terms and conditions of use for the WWW Pages prior to using the WWW Pages.





The browsing of the WWW Pages is mostly possible without registration and alienation of personal data. Himmerkinlahti Oy collect the User’s personal data like the name, profession, age, gender, native language, postal address, telephone number or e-mail address of the User in connection with the customary free browsing of the WWW Pages not otherwise without the User being aware of that.

The use of certain parts of the WWW Pages may require registration in which connection the Personal Data may be collected by the means allowed by the Finnish Act on Personal Data. Furthermore, it may be possible to collect personal data by the means allowed by the Finnish Act on Personal Data in connection with certain competitions and campaigns carried out on the WWW Pages or otherwise as notified in the concerned part of the WWW Pages. The Personal Data will be collected only for the necessary and reasoned purposes defined in advance, like for:



  • the establishment, realization and implementation of a customer relationship or another contractual relationship
  • an appropriate identification of the individual participating in a competition or campaign
  • carrying out the publicity, analyzing, statistics keeping, maintaining and development activities necessary for a membership, contractual relationship or alike connection
  • direct advertising, distance sales and other direct marketing as well as polls and market researches by the means and to the extent permitted by the law unless the User has prohibited such collection and storing of his/her Persona Data the purposes for which the User has unambiguously given his/her permission.

Himmerkinlahti Oy has prepared a register account in accordance with section 10 of the Finnish Act on Personal Data concerning the personal data file (the Holiday village Himmerki Register) including the Personal Data collected by Himmerkinlahti Oy The User is entitled to examine what information concerning him/her has been stored in the register as well as to prohibit the handling of the information concerning him/her for certain purposes.





Himmerkinlahti Oy may automatically collect the information as to the domain name and IP address used when accessing the WWW Pages. Collecting of such information takes place for common own follow-up and analysis purposes without the intention or possibility to create a personal data file referred to in the Finnish Act on Personal Data.





The cookies mean in this connection small files that the WWW Pages may send to the browser of the User and possibly further to be stored in the information system of the User. Certain parts of the WWW Pages may use the cookies mainly for the provision of User-specifically tailored or otherwise User-specifically varying information and services, for securing and intensifying the availability and provision of certain interactive or from time to time changing data contents updated or otherwise as well timed and appropriately as possible, as well as for following the general usage manners and usage quantities of certain parts and functionalities of the WWW Himmerkinlahti Oy will not use the cookies for reading or collecting information from the User’s computer.

The settings of certain browsers enable the User to activate a tool that notifies of an arriving cookie and provides the User with the chance either to accept or to deny the use of the cookie. The denial of the cookie may lead to the consequence that certain part of the WWW Pages does not function as intended or that the User will not be able to use certain page or functionality.





Himmerkinlahti Oy endeavors at all times to handle and keep the collected information carefully. In regard to the Personal Data Himmerkinlahti Oy endeavors to the best of its ability to realize such generally available technical and organizational means that enable the protection of the Personal Data from unauthorised access and unlawful use. Directly by operation of laws each individual handling the Personal Data within Himmerkinlahti Oy and having during such activity received information as to an other person’s qualities, personal circumstances or economical position shall be liable not to express such information unlawfully. Himmerkinlahti Oy will not keep any such information that to its knowledge is out-of-date or that has become unnecessary for Himmerkinlahti Oy.

The starting point is that Himmerkinlahti Oy will not alienate to third parties the Personal Data it has collected. Certain Personal Data separately specified in the law may be alienated for carrying out direct advertising, distance sales and other direct marketing as well as polls and market researches by the means and to the extent permitted by the law unless the User has prohibited the alienation of the data.





Himmerkinlahti Oy endeavors reasonably to see to that the Personal Data it has collected is up-to-date. Such updating of the Personal Data may, however, take place only selectively and for this purpose it may be possible to use also external sources of information like the population registers.


In the event that the Personal Data alienated by the User to Himmerkinlahti Oy has been changed the User may notify Himmerkinlahti Oy thereof either by post by using the postal address set forth in the register account or by communicating by e-mail by using the e-mail address Himmerkinlahti Oy will update the Personal Data pertinently notified by the User without needless delay.





The WWW Pages may contain also pages, sites and parts produced and maintained by other content providers (the ”Providers”) as well as links to World Wide Web pages (the “Link Pages”) maintained by the Providers or other third parties. The manners as to the privacy protection and handling of personal data in relation to the pages, sites and parts produced and maintained by the Providers as well as to the Link Pages are dependent on rules and principles followed by the Providers and other third parties in question and Himmerkinlahti Oy is neither enabled nor liable to affect on them and, therefore, Himmerkinlahti Oy assumes no liability whatsoever for them.